Our mission at Saline-Farming is to spread and develop practical, valuable knowledge on saline farming. We have several business activities doing so. Each with their own unique solution and impact for a better world. Please, feel free to visit any of our business websites. If you have comments, ideas or anything else that you would like to ask or share, please let us know!

Most websites are set up multilingual, and some are in Dutch and concern a national business/projects.

Saline-Farming Team

Website referrals

Salt farm Texel

A company where science, agronomy and business come together. Committed to develop saline agriculture as a worldwide success.

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We are engaged in the cultivation of seaweed suitable for consumption in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way on Texel.

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Marc foods

Development and cultivation of saline potatoes and salty vegetables on Texel. 100% organic.

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Saline agriculture worldwide

The Salt Farm Foundation is focussed on the (open source) sharing of knowledge and solutions regarding saline agriculture with farmers worldwide.

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Zilt perspectief

The cultivation and processing of crops on salty agricultural land at the Wadden. In association with Waddenfonds.

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Zilt proefbedrijf

A company where science, agronomy and business come together. Committed to develop saline agriculture as a widespread success.

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Who does what?
Aad Kiljan

Technical service

Andrés Parra González

R&D saline agriculture

Arjen de Vos Dr.

Director Operations saline agriculture

Bas Bruning Dr.

R&D saline agriculture

Edwin van Straten

Horticulturist Saline Crops/ Technical service

Ellen van Straten

Horticulturist Saline Crops

Gunnar Larsen
Mieke de Zeeuw
Monique de Ridder


Reinier Nauta, MSc

Project manager R&D aquaculture

Robert Hendrik Twijnstra

R&D aquaculture

Robin Konijn
Tamara den Ijzerman

Project-coordinator / HR

Yvonne Rikkenberg